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    Environment Health & Safety Leadership Program

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    Our EH&S Leadership Program (ELP) is a two-year rotational program that develops future leaders of UTC’s environment, health and safety function.
    The ELP prepares early career EH&S professionals to deploy UTC’s system and standards for EH&S excellence and to substantially contribute to our more than 20-year legacy of exceptional environment, health and safety performance.

    About our program

    Environment Health & Safety Leadership Program duration (24 months) 

    3 Rotations (8 months each)


    ELPs rotate through three eight-month assignments – one at either UTC Corporate or at a business unit headquarters EH&S program office, and two at UTC manufacturing facilities.


    Each rotation provides comprehensive experience with UTC’s environment, health and safety programs, and includes task assignments across a broad range of EH&S subjects and UTC program areas, including:

    What makes for a good candidate?

    We’re looking for self-motivated, driven and team-oriented applicants with demonstrated leadership skills, strong communication and analytical skills and the ability to be adaptable and mobile.

    Additional characteristics of a top EH&S Leadership Program candidate include:

    UTC also offers internships and co-op opportunities. Click to search for available internship opportunities.

    Meet members from our program

    Our businesses are industry leaders

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