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    European Financial Leadership Program

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    United Technologies’ European Financial Leadership Program (EFLP) is one of today’s foremost development opportunities for associates who want an exciting career in finance.
    For candidates with legal authorization to work in the European Union, the European Financial Leadership Program is a key entry point to start a career in finance at UTC. EFLP graduates are viewed as the future finance leaders of UTC, with training and experience that is greatly valued throughout the company.

    About our program

    Financial (Europe) Leadership Program Duration (3 years)

    3 Rotations (12 months each)

    The first rotation is assigned by the program.

    For the second and third years, participants can choose from about 20 rotations across different countries in Europe.

    The goals of the EFLP are to broaden associates’ finance and accounting skills, establish a network of professional contacts and help to gain in-depth knowledge about UTC’s products and processes. Associates receive personal guidance from top financial leaders, managers and EFLP alumni. Upon graduation EFLP associates assume roles within UTC businesses in Europe.

    To enhance the EFLP experience and develop business acumen, every year for the three years, associates attend a training conference as well as a networking event with UTC finance executives. In addition, UTC sponsors financial training and exams with organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) for EFLP associates who desire to follow these training schemes.

    Assignments and program rotations

    During the three-year period, associates work at three different UTC companies in Europe and in three different functions within finance. Rotation roles include:

    Where you will be

    Current rotations exist in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.
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    What makes for a good candidate?

    We’re looking for self-motivated, driven and team-oriented applicants with demonstrated leadership skills, strong communication and analytical skills and the ability to be adaptable and mobile.

    Additional characteristics of a top EFLP candidate include:

    To apply for the EFLP, send your resume and a cover letter in English to Giorgio Fantini, United Technologies Research Center, at [email protected].

    Meet members from our program

    Our businesses are industry leaders

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