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    Undergraduate Divisional Leadership Programs

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    In addition to the functional leadership programs, UTC also offers divisional leadership programs that are embedded in a specific UTC business and offer assignments and experiences that can provide training and development across several areas of the same business.
    We look for academic achievers with a strong background in engineering, finance and other key disciplines to help build our talent pipeline for the future. Our undergraduate division programs typically consist of three eight-month rotations and offer robust assignments highlighting the functional requirements and processes across UTC.

    Collins Aerospace

    Quality Rotational Program
    Collins Aerospace Quality Rotational Program, Q-LEAD (Quality Leadership Engineering Advanced Development), is a two-year program that provides participants exposure to a broad range of quality-focused skills, disciplines and functions while developing vital quality competencies, applying core Quality concepts, and exploring the entire scope of Collins Aerospace products and services. Participants also will be given the opportunity to learn first-hand how quality is embedded in how our business units work, compete and succeed. To learn more about this quality immersion opportunity, click here.

    Engineering Rotational Program

    Collins Aerospace Engineering Rotational Program, EnTeR (Engineering & Technology Rotational Program), is a two-year program designed to expand and accelerate your engineering career. The program provides participants exposure to the engineering products and services in our various business units around the world. Participants develop expertise about the aerospace industry, gain a global understanding of how we do business, enhance their engineering skills and build relationships throughout the organization. Once you’ve worked with us for a year, you become eligible for this career-enhancing program.

    Pratt & Whitney

    Commercial Business Development Program
    The Commercial Business Development Program (CBDP) is a two-year program that provides four six-month fast-paced assignments within Pratt & Whitney’s commercial business in East Hartford, Conn. Associates will gain experience in:

    • New Engine Sales - portfolio growth of airline customers through sales campaigns
    • Engine Services - management of long-term engine maintenance contracts for customers
    • Spare Sales - management of logistics for engine part sales
    • Customer Support - developing and maintaining customer relationships and ensuring engine fleets are operating smoothly

    Manufacturing Engineering Development Program
    The Manufacturing Engineering Development Program (MED) is the longest running rotation program at Pratt & Whitney. Over 30 years of preparing manufacturing engineers in an accelerated program that provides three eight-month rotations, trainings, projects and hands-on assignments. The MED program is structured to allow for individual development with coaching and mentoring. At the conclusion of the development program, graduates will be prepared to assume a full-time assignment as a manufacturing engineer in one of Pratt & Whitney’s Module Centers.

    Quality Engineering Development Program
    The Quality Engineering Development Program (QEDP) is an accelerated two-year technical development program for new college engineering graduates to learn Quality Engineering roles. Development occurs through three eight-month assignments with more than 400 hours of technical training, including Green Belt Certification. The QEDP program is structured to provide mentorship and opportunities to build a network. The QEDP begins each June with first assignments in quality/manufacturing disciplines in Connecticut facilities with additional assignment potential for facilities in Maine, Georgia, New York or Pennsylvania. At the conclusion of the development program, graduates will be prepared to assume a full-time role in Quality Engineering in one of our U.S.-based production facilities.

    Global Supply Chain Development Program
    The Global Supply Chain Development Program (GSCDP) is a two-year rotation program designed to expose recent college graduates to global supply chain at Pratt & Whitney. Each associate completes four six-month assignments in such areas of continuous improvement, supplier development, supplier quality assurance, materials management and supply chain management. Upon completion of the rotational training program, rotational associates will have gained a solid foundation in supply chain. Graduates will be placed into permanent career positions within Pratt & Whitney’s Global Supply Chain Organization.

    Aftermarket Engineering Development Program
    The Pratt & Whitney Aftermarket Engineering Development Program (AEDP) is a two-year rotation program in aftermarket operations targeted at new college engineering graduates to prepare them for a career in aftermarket at P&W. Development occurs through technical training and customized on-the-job assignments. At the conclusion of the program, graduates will be prepared to assume an assignment in manufacturing or quality in one of Pratt & Whitney’s aftermarket repair or engine center units. 

    Materials Management Development Program
    The Materials Management Development Program (MMDP) is a two-year rotational program with four diverse six-month assignments within the materials management & logistics discipline. This includes rotations in areas such as sales & operations planning, supply & demand planning, and production control. The program provides training, mentoring, and networking across the materials discipline at Pratt & Whitney while accelerating associates into proficient materials employees. Upon graduation, MMDP associates are fully qualified for a full-time role within the materials management & logistics discipline.

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