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    Student Internships & Co-ops

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    UTC internships and co-ops are designed to help build your professional credentials while also igniting your imagination. Opportunities exist throughout our company and are available to students who are motivated to learn and grow.

    Internship program

    The Internship Program is for students who prefer shorter work periods, usually three months during the summer. A formal agreement is not required with the school. Our goal is to relate employment opportunities to the student’s academic majors to ensure maximum productivity for all parties involved. There are opportunities where an intern will be able to explore different fields outside of their academic major, if desired.

    Co-op programs

    Cooperative Education is a joint effort between business, government and education that combines classroom theory with career-related work experience. Through co-op assignments, students alternate semesters of full-time study with semesters of full-time paid employment. The Co-op Program is designed to enhance a student’s academic training, professional growth, and personal development. At UTC, a co-op assignment applies to students formally enrolled in a cooperative education program with their school. Work rotations are based on school requirements, which average from three to eight months in duration.

    Meet our interns


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