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    Work With Us


    Move your career forward

    Few companies can change the world: We are one. As a company driven by ideas, we rely on the ingenuity, diversity and commitment of our people to help us make cities greener, people more secure and travel more efficient.

    UTC career opportunities

    As global leader in technology, UTC is dedicated to engineering change around the world.
    * Updated December 31, 2018

    Explore by business unit

    Explore our career functions

    UTC offers opportunities in a broad range of disciplines across the global enterprise for talented people at different stages in their professional lives.

    Employee Scholar Program

    woman smiling
    Our professional development program is recognized as one of the most respected and generous employee education programs in the world.
    Employee Scholar Program

    UTC Benefits

    UTC's benefit programs provide substantial value to our employees at competitive prices. The individual plans that make up UTC benefits are designed to balance immediate needs such as paying for health care with longer-term goals like planning for retirement.
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