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    Digital Technology

    Two men talking and working on a white board
    United Technologies has a legacy of innovation that brings together big thinkers, problem solvers and an attitude for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As one globally connected community of experts, United Technologies Digital is working across our businesses to accelerate the discovery and creation of new digital products and services at a faster pace than ever experienced.
    By harnessing the collective intelligence and creativity of our teams we can uncover solutions to complex challenges and shape the future of our industries.

    Come be a part of United Technologies Digital and join an exciting diverse team of passionate digital leaders. Together, we’re accelerating what’s possible for our customers, employees and businesses. Using our domain expertise, data and digital capabilities, we’re helping shape the future of our industries and delivering outcomes that matter to people around the world.

    Digital Technology disciplines

    We step beyond the expected to imagine new, groundbreaking ways to live, work and fly across many areas of expertise, including:

    Meet our people

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