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    Investor Relations


    We deliver value

    We create long-term shareowner value by focusing on the right opportunities – opportunities that drive profitable growth.
    2018 Annual Report

    At United Technologies we take great pride in our relentless focus on meeting the needs of our customers and fostering a culture of innovation. This enables us to drive continuous improvement in all that we do and extend our industry leadership, which grows shareowner value.

    2018 Annual Report

    UTC dividends 2001 to present

    United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) provides high-technology systems and services to the building and aerospace industries.

    UTC has paid cash dividends on its common stock every year since 1936.

    *Split-adjusted quarterly dividend amounts for the years shown. Please note that past dividends provide no assurance as to future dividends. The payment and amount of future dividends could vary significantly from past amounts due to, among other things, changes in economic conditions and company performance.


    Greg RIght Text Left

    Our relentless focus on our four key priorities — innovation, execution, cost reduction and disciplined capital allocation — is the reason we are optimistic about our future.

    Greg Hayes, Chairman & CEO
    Leadership Team
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