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    Eddie Tunstel


    Eddie Tunstel

    Eddie Tunstel has made countless contributions to the science of robotics and space exploration. After three decades of engineering research and development in robotics and automation he has written more than 100 articles, journals and publications related to his expertise. He even developed and operated Mars Exploration Rovers at NASA. Today he is the group leader of robotics at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC). Eddie was drawn to United Technologies because of the innovative projects at UTRC. “A successful engineer has to be inventive,” he says. “An important part of the job is to imagine ideas and be able to apply them to something that becomes real. UTC is getting into robotics in a major way and with my background, this position was a natural fit.”

    A person sitting in front of a window
    A person sitting in front of a window
    A person sitting in a chair

    In January 2018 Eddie became President of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society where he promotes the theory and practice of engineering. He is also involved with FIRST Robotics where he serves as a judge and evaluator of student projects. Eddie has sound career advice for youth interested in STEM.

    “Do multiple internships in high school and college,” he says. “There are many different engineering varieties such as civil, mechanical, electrical, biomedical and robotics. Getting as much experience as possible will help you narrow down your interests.”

    For Eddie, engineering is not only his job, but a hobby. In his free time he looks for ways to automate tasks or chores in his everyday life. What’s his latest project? “I’m working on a robot that roams around my house doing interesting things like bringing me a beverage from the fridge.”

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