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    Harrison Daniels


    Harrison Daniels

    Harrison Daniels has always loved to create things. His wide range of interests include origami, drawing, electronics – even short films. When it became time to choose a career he took his interest in science and math and combined it with his passion for helping people. “I enjoy making things that bring joy to peoples’ lives,” he says. “Engineers are important to society because they get to find solutions to the world’s problems. I want to use my gifts and talents to help those efforts.”

    Harrison Daniels
    Harrison Daniels
    A man sitting at a table using a laptop
    Harrison Daniels
    While earning a physics and mathematics degree at Berry College, Harrison took a creative technologies class focused on microelectronics that set him on the path to becoming an engineer. He was challenged to think outside the box and represent solutions in unique ways. “I created this little desk robot that you could talk to and it would perform tasks for you,” he says. “Making the robot was the coolest thing, but seeing the reactions from my classmates when they interacted with the robot was even cooler. I wanted to learn more about the interactive design process.”

    Today Harrison is a user experience systems engineer at Otis where he studies how people interact and move through buildings. “When I got connected with the Passenger Experience Team at Otis, I realized it was everything I was looking for in a career,” Harrison says. “Understanding how customers interact with our products and technology is so valuable.”

    What led Harrison to United Technologies? He started as an intern at United Technologies Research Center where he researched, designed and developed multiple augmented reality applications using an agile development cycle. “My internship experience sparked my curiosity and opened my eyes to the different opportunities that United Technologies has to offer.”

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