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    Carmen Gonzalez

    Pratt & Whitney

    Carmen Gonzalez

    Carmen Gonzalez has worked with United Technologies for more than 20 years, starting as a design engineer and working her way to becoming a quality manager at the Pratt & Whitney Middletown Engine Center. As a child living in Puerto Rico, she was always interested in space and couldn’t have imagined that she would get to create hardware that’s used for space exploration.

    “There's always going to be something that you'll need from the Hispanic culture even if it is that sense of community, being there to support people, to make sure that they are empowered, they are encouraged. In the same sense, there's more to working at UTC. You can get involved. You can participate. You can help your community. You can do things outside of work that will make you a better person.”

    Her Puerto Rican heritage provides her with a positive outlook and sense of community saying, “to me, every day is a new day. There's always a new opportunity. There's always something good to take out. If we’re going to succeed, were all going to succeed together.” This perspective is critical here at UTC. We all have the same goals to innovate the many industries we touch. By coming together we can advance our mission innovating for performance, safety and efficacy.

    We are honored to highlight some of our colleagues who are helping to ignite the future at United Technologies.

    Devis Dishnica
    Devis Dishnica
    Devis Dishnica
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