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    Juan Aljure

    Pratt & Whitney

    Juan Aljure

    Juan Aljure is a rising early career professional at Pratt & Whitney. His role as a cost engineer pushes him to tap into his Hispanic roots and ask the tough questions that drive his team to be the best they can be. Juan is deeply attached to his Hispanic heritage. He was born in Cali, Colombia, and grew up surrounded by a variety of other Hispanic cultures in Miami. In particular, he was heavily influenced by the strong Cuban culture he grew up around.

    Thus, his worldly perspective is a special part of what he brings to his career.

    “I think my upbringing and culture have a very big influence on how I show up to work every day, partly because of how hard I've had to fight to get to where I am today. I see my current situation, I evaluate it and I think, “How can I make it better?” I'm never going to stop fighting. I always want to improve myself, others around me, our organization, improve our company and improve our country."

    We are a company made of innovators, risk-takers and hard-workers who bring positive change to our organization every day.

    We wholeheartedly agree with Juan as he says, “the Hispanic perspective empowers UTC’s success in the future. The struggle is not unique to me. Hispanics are fighters. We're also lovers, but we're definitely fighters, so we know what it takes. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty. We're willing to work with others to do what it takes to meet our goals, meet our objectives and do a great job.”

    We are honored to highlight some of our colleagues who are helping to ignite the future at United Technologies.

    Devis Dishnica
    Devis Dishnica
    Devis Dishnica

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