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    Marie Robert

    Pratt & Whitney

    Marie Robert

    Marie Robert brings her whole self to work every single day. As an executive director of group strategy and development, Marie interacts with individuals from many countries and cultures regularly. She credits much of her strong interpersonal and communications skills to her Puerto Rican identity and heritage.

    “Being Puerto Rican influences how I come to work every day. I have an appreciation for every type of culture. When I'm meeting with people and they're from different cultures, I really take the time to understand who they are and where they come from. I try to learn from their background because I think that someone's background is really quite important.”

    As a global company, we recognize the importance of having a team that is equipped with the knowledge and open-mindedness to do business in every part of the world. As Marie puts it, “our customer base is in every corner of the globe and we need to be able to embody that and to show that our employees are also from every part of this globe and that they have all a rich culture. That's what's going to grow UTC as a company.”

    We are honored to highlight some of our colleagues who are helping to ignite the future at United Technologies.

    Devis Dishnica
    Devis Dishnica
    Devis Dishnica

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